15 November 2011

This. That. And the Other.

It's been a while since I've done a "my brain on random post." So in no particular order, this is some of the stuff that's been shuffling around in my head for the last few days.

  • I really need to start running again. It's been four weeks since the marathon. I was sick for about two weeks. Coldish. And now I'm just really enjoying my free time. I keep saying "maybe tomorrow..." One of these days, that will come true because I really WANT to run, not because I feel like I HAVE to.
  • I lost my road map along the way for when you have a crush on someone and you have no idea how they see you, if at all. I'm like my 14-15 year old self, crushing on boys all over the place. Playin' it cool, but feeling like, where my skillz at, yo?
  • I finally raked some leaves tonight after work. I kept thinking the whole time, "I so need to pay someone to do this." There's a ton left to do and very little daylight to work to light my way on the job after work. Bah!
  • I'm slow to adapt to change that others foist upon me. I have yet to try the new Blogger interface. Anyone else try it? It took me forever to move to the new Twitter. Now Gmail has a new look. For crying out loud.
  • Currently smelling like a combination of pine needles, mint and medicine-y goodness thanks to a massage tonight. It probably sounds terrible, but I'm digging on it.
And I will leave you with this: one of Mike Doughty's songs (Lorna Zauberberg) that I cannot stop listening to since seeing him on Saturday. This video is from this tour's stop at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, so its all current!

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k said...

Things for you: I have an awesome, reliable, laid back, cheap Leaf Guy if you want his name for next year.
New Blogger and New Gmail are okay. New Twitter I've finally stopped swearing at.