30 November 2008

Weekend in Review

Had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend in Marquette, birthplace of my mom. My Aunt & Uncle were, as always, wonderful hosts. They make entertaining/keeping a spectacular home look as effortless as Martha. They've probably been at it longer though. The weekend contained many things I enjoy:

  • Spending time with family is a given, but must be noted for the record. we laughed often and I heard many a great story.
  • Yummy vegetarian Thankgiving meal, in which everyone contributed something - everyone in the kitchen cooking up a wicked good meal. I made the gravy! 
  • Sleeping in a warm cozy bed and not having to wake up at any specific time.
  • The best toast I think I've EVER had in my life - two different kinds actually - chocolate cherry that my mom got at Nantucket Bakery here in town, and some delish toast made with cardomom bread my Aunt made. It's a Finnish thing and it was amazing with real butter!
  • Getting a great deal on a sweet North Face jacket at Getz's.
  • Wi-Fi
  • Walking through a tall pine forest with the dogs and ending up on the shore of Lake Superior.

  • Making it home before dark and not sliding into a ditch due to the current crazy winter storm.
  • Oh, and hearing news of a smart, cute boy.

29 November 2008

Cygnus 27

Square lights @ Cygnus. 

Went there for a friend's birthday brunch a couple months back and had a lovely time. The food was plentiful and delicious. The drinks flowed. 

I liked the decor, but found the way some of the tables were arranged didn't take maximum advantage of the view on the 27th floor of the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids. There are high-back round booths set up in the corners  that look into the restaurant, instead of out over the Grand River. I just thought it was slightly odd, because overall you can tell a lot of thought went into the new design of the restaurant, but how they missed on table layout is a mystery. 

28 November 2008

Winter Work Uniform

A friend of mine recently posted a blog about what her uniform would be if she had to pick one for work. Benefits of the uniform being a) very little thought/time spent each morning answering the question of what to wear. b) clothing budget could be contained. Drawbacks would go like this for me a) I tend to dress based on what mood I'm in or what the weather is doing. Having a set seasonal outfit might detract from my ability to feel comfortable based on those two factors. 

I have, however been pondering the uniform and just in case a mandate came down from "I don't know where" that personal uniforms were a requirement, I am now ready. I have come up with the following looks that I would be comfortable sporting five days a week during the cold months at the office:

  • turtle neck sweater
  • pencil skirt
  • black tall boots

The colors can vary from day to day, but the look is polished and put together. Plus, I'd be warm. I HATE being cold and dress for both warmth and comfort in the winter.