13 November 2011

House of Blues Chicago

I had no idea how cool the House of Blues, Chicago is you guys! Someone should have told me sooner! Of course, I knew it existed as a concert venue, but that's about it. I went to see Mike Doughty play there last night and was amazed at the entire experience. LOVED it! First of all, I love me some folk art and this place is jammed with it. Of course it makes sense and all, blues culture and the folk art asthetic go together, duh! My friend N and I had dinner downstairs before the show and I couldn't get enough of the art and decor in general. I think I even said, "I want to live here. I love it!"

So I did some searching and the HoB is, of course a chain. There are 13 locations throughout the country. Chicago opened in 1996. The first location opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1992. It's no longer open, but there is a Boston location. Obviously Chicago isn't the one and only, although this location felt authentic, not chain-y, which I appreciated greatly.

A tiny taste of the art/decor. This is from the "front porch" before you walk into the restaurant area on the first floor.

Yours truly, at dinner. This pic was originally super dark, but after tweaking with the levels, the overall vibe fits.

Crossroads at House of Blues Cornbread appetizer. Love the mini skillet and it was delicious!

Crossroads at House of Blues side of cole slaw. Red cabbage, carrots, cilantro and a light dressing.

Crossroads at House of Blues Trio of Cheese Rigatoni. I don't remember all three cheeses, but there was a hidden blanket of melty cheese in the middle of that mess of noodles. The sauce had a nice kick to it.


RTL said...

I was there with Mushroomhead. Killer light rig!

k said...

The hotel next to the House of Blues used to be a House of Blues Hotel and it was AWESOME. Great lobby. Best beds. Softie robes. Blues brunch on Sunday. T and I stayed there a handful of times while dating. Sadly, it switched over to something else.