30 March 2009

weekend recap

Saturday's long run (10.3 miles) went well. I managed to get out before the temperature dropped and things got dreary. The schedule for next week is 12 miles!

Saturday's long run was the highlight of my Saturday. It literally went down hill from there. Spent the better part of Saturday mired in a poor me mindset (somewhere I rarely visit, and I'm not too keen on visiting again!). If you're keeping score at home, the window delivery might actually work! Have friend willing to loan extension ladder. Have another friend who checked the windows and says they'll come out.

In light of my bed situation, I'm literally living/sleeping in my living room! Shall I sing the praises of my couch bed? It's actually quite comfortable and I've slept on it a time or two in the past. It's like having a sleep over at my own house.

Sunday brought a more dreary spot of weather, but a better mindset for me. Got to have a bagel breakfast with M and her kids. They regaled me with stories of seeing The Lion King at the Wharton Center.

Escaped for a bit in the after noon to see Duplicity. It was good, not amazing. Worked perfectly for the afternoon escape though. Made me sort of miss my days as a secret agent. Was thinking of capers that would be fun to stage.

Book club dinner was fab as usual. Always enjoy seeing my book gals! After BC, I met another friend for coffee. We laughed and laughed, which always helps a girl feel better about life!

What was your weekend highlight?


k said...

My weekend highlight was getting a pedicure. Made me feel a little bit more put together.

loveball said...

my weekend highlight was putting self tanner on and enjoying the hint of color on my skin - bring on the sun and true tan from days lounging at the beach! I vow to beach it this summer as many times as I can - you with me?!!

Anonymous said...

My weekend highlight was giving my self a full spa treatment Sunday morning - removed all unwanted hair on the body, bath, pedi, mani, eyebrow tweeze, lotioned up...an all morning affair to end with Guiness and MSU kicking Louisville's ars. FABULOUS day.

Missed BC :(