28 February 2014

The Ride

Seriously, you guys. Free People has done it again with their latest video. Capturing so much in just 2:43 minutes. It's like they've been inside my brain! Ha! And that music. I mean, really!? Wow! And how much fun would shooting this have been?

26 February 2014

Dark Horse

I made a hip hop station recently on Pandora and was surprised that they included Dark Horse by Katy Perry. The fact that it features Juicy J is obviously why. I was also surprised that I liked the song so much. I've never really been a huge Katy Perry fan, I don't dislike her music, I just don't tend to listen with much attention. Anyway, I have been listening to this one a lot the last few days, so thought I'd share it with y'all.

Also upon watching the video, Katy has really NICE teeth! Ha!

What are you listening to?

24 February 2014

Notes from The Universe

Do you get daily notes from The Universe? I heard about this email list from my friend S. The notes are usually  personalized just for you, like the one below is for me, and usually they have some great nugget to meditate on for the day. Today's message was particularly great - exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks, Universe! Sign up here if you want your own!

Practice, Rachel. Study. Prepare yourself. Think. Act. Face the beasts. Pay the piper whatever dues you think you have to pay. Do the dance, walk the fire, wait in line. Plant the seeds, hoe the field, go to market. Because on the day that you become all that you now dream of becoming... Oh my gosh, there is simply no price that would seem too great.

It's going to be that good, you're going to be that happy, and it's going to be for so, so long, Rachel. Guaranteed.

    The Universe