07 July 2009

food confessions

This might not be pretty...

I bought a small tub of Cool Whip for strawberry shortcake over the weekend. It was actually Friday, which may help lessen the pointy-ness of judgement fingers. I made two actual shortcakes for desserts and somehow the tub is almost gone. I've been dipping pretzels in it. Chunks of fruit may have been dipped in. And, yeah, I've eaten a spoonful or two. As an aside, I'm not particularly fond of the fact that the English language uses the word "tub" in reference or proximity to any food item.
Guacamole. I've been eating it like it's my job. I make a little batch using only 1/2 an avocado at a time so as to not completely go overboard. But that tend to mean I'm eating it two nights in a row. Avocado is a vegetable and they're actually considered to be good for you, but I still feel like I'm somehow doing something wrong - like just realizing that an actual "serving" is 1/5 the avocado, not 1/2! Oops, my bad. But it's soo good!

I'm getting better about eating the fresh produce I buy. It didn't use to be such a good thing. Every now and then I have to put myself on produce restriction though. I find having an actual plan for what I'm going to do with what I'm buying and when this event will take place. Without the what and when - produce goes bad at my house.

Am I the only one that can eat the same thing for breakfast or dinner repetitively? I'll get on kicks and eat the same thing (English muffin egg & cheese sandwiches, cereal, nachos, quesadillas are a few that come to mind) a few times a week for a while. Maybe that's something that happens to those of us who live alone?! I wouldn't subject a guest or family to the same thing a few times a week.

Butter not margarine

Silk not milk

Heinz is the only company that can make ketchup. I'm serious. I believe I'd be able to taste the difference in a blind ketchup taste test. Take the Ketchup Challenge.

It's been over six months since I quit Diet Coke and I still miss it.

If I ever ate meat again, as many of you already know, I'd be angling for a rack of bbq ribs.

Anyone else have any food confessions they want to make?


k said...

I have eaten cheesy potatoes for dinner every night since Saturday. They're almost gone.

Anonymous said...

um, last week I had my spoon in three different pints of Ben and Jerry's. Not one. Not two. But, THREE!

David Maxam said...

I got a hankering for old family favorite roast beef and mashed potatoes with gravy. I spontaneously decide to start cooking this at 9:00 pm last night, instead of just making a simple bean and rice burrito.

Around 11:30pm the roast was nearly done, and by midnight I had a steaming plate of beef roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn... just like grandma used to make.

So I sat down to eat this monstrous 'family Sunday dinner' at midnight on a Tuesday.

How's that for meal planning?

loveball said...

um, I was doing great with my contained food cravings until I read the comments. cheesy potatoes, roast and ice cream...three of my favorites.

I confess that once I'm on vacation I will allow myself to eat whatever I want - but until next Wednesday I'm still eating light and healthy.