26 November 2011

Saturday Treasure Hunting

I love searching through antique shops hunting for unexpected treasures. I also love an estate sale for the same reason, you just never know what you're going to find. Something for a great deal, something that reminds you of your childhood or someone you know, it's just fun! I'm drawn to furniture, vintage clothing and dishes. Searching for furniture is mostly just for fun (or to share with you!) these days, since I literally don't have room in the house for new (additional) furniture.

I went to some of my favorite spots today in Grand Rapids. It was a lovely overcast, yet unseasonably warm November day, so it was perfect for flitting in and out of stores. Here's some of the neato stuff I found today. If you're into it and you're local, go scoop it up!

At Eastown Antiques on Lake Drive:

Two Steelcase office chairs, (you can see a slice of the other one on the left.) going for $198. The fun part for me is that I have six of these at home around my dining room table, which I've had forever. I don't even remember what I paid, but I know it was a DEAL!

Metal drafting desk with drawer, $595. The stool was sold separately and unfortunately I did not get the price.

Lovely 60's era sofa. It is in excellent condition and was really comfortable to sit on. I love the simple lines of it! This was offered at $395.

This flat file looks like it was used as a boat anchor for some time, but I love the weathered look. It would make a great coffee table or you know, a boat anchor for just $350.

If you have a kitchen large enough that doesn't already have an island, this work bench/table would be ideal. Just lay out $400 and it's yours!

 They even had this magazine photo sitting out as inspiration. 

What's not to love about this mini chair? When I was little we had a mini mod rocking chair that we all loved to sit in. This chair was actually sitting on the lower shelf of a workbench type table if that gives you a sense of its size. So cute and in great condition and it's only $82! If you have a mini or two at home, I want you to get it!

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