21 November 2011

Anthro Revisited

Workin' It

Yeah, I've got another Anthropologie set for you! Are you mad, bro? So maybe I did max out my "wouldn't it be nice?" credit card! Ha! Every time I play around on Polyvore making these outfit sets, I remember how much fun it is to style outfits. I love pulling fun looks together. 

One of my favorite looks is wearing these kind of shift dresses over skinny pants. So I pulled two looks together using a pair of skinny cream cords as the base. You get two really simple, yet pulled together outfits. They would be perfect for an office casual work situation.

I love that you can really mix and match with all these pieces so easily. The jackets would go with either dress and so do the shoes. I'd love to actually try these looks on at the store! Sometimes things layer really well and sometimes they just don't and you end up feeling lumpy. If that ended up being the case you could wear the dresses over leggings for winter or bare legs when the temps warm up a bit. Or skip the dresses and pair a simple t-shirt or turtle neck under either jacket with the cords. 

What do you think? Are you buying either look with your "wouldn't it be nice?" credit card? Or perhaps you have some similarly shaped pieces in your closet already that you could pull together for a similar silohoutte? I'm feeling inspired, we'll see if the inspiration carries over to my outfit tomorrow or later this week. 

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