19 November 2011

Everything (Mostly) In Its Place

I don't know what your housekeeping secrets are, but I have heard a lot of people say, "we should have people over more often because the house really gets cleaned top to bottom." You can add my name to that list. While I keep my house pretty clean, when I'm super busy, the regular cleaning gets a bit neglected.

A couple weeks ago, I did a major clean at Casa Starr Fish and vowed to keep things from getting overly neglected by using a couple rules:

Everything has a place. Everything in its place. In other words, if use something, I put it back where it goes. If I'm making food in the kitchen, the kitchen starts clean and ends clean. No dishes left in the sink. Counters clear. Getting ready in the morning, all my "products", hair dryer, etc. go back where they belong.

Clean Sweep before bed. For anything that managed to not be put back in it's place, I do a sweep around the house and put those items away. The paper (I know, I still get the paper delivered. I'm a writer, I feel an allegiance to the printed word.) goes in its recycle spot. The mail gets sorted/recycled. I empty the dish strainer of the dinner dishes.

These two rules have kept the house fairly clutter free for more than two weeks. I obviously need to "clean" clean - kitchen and bathroom surfaces, floors, etc. on the regular. But keeping on top of the clutter  makes doing the real cleaning less daunting.

What are your clean house secrets?

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k said...

I have a hard time with clutter and mess, so I/the small people always tidy up before doing something new or leaving the house.