17 November 2011

Dig and Ditch

Dig it: The new show this season called Revenge. I'm watching it on hulu.com right now (multitasking all the time, yo!) and one part made me gasp out loud! Good stuff!

Dig it: Chocolate pudding from Marie Catrib's.

Ditch it: Cars that idle outside my house. First of all, who are you? It's unnerving and it's bad for the environment. Get in your car, start it and go. Or stop the car, turn it off and get out. It's not that difficult. In/out. Done. Quiet.

Ditch it: The neighbor dogs that bark incessantly when outside and they want back in. The neighbors get a ditch for letting them each stay out and bark. For the record it's two separate neighbors and dogs. Ugh!

Dig it: OccupyWallStreet. Today was the two month anniversary of the start of this movement. There was a groundswell of people in New York today marching about all day. I was checking out the ustream livefeed and it's so amazing, almost like you're there. History is being made.

Dig it: Soda water with ice and the juice of one lime.  Fizzy and delicious.

Ditch it:  Bad fluorescent lighting. Whenever I see it blaring out of someone's house, I shield my eyes and wonder how anyone can live with that light. It's so harsh and terrible.

Ditch it: Focusing on the negative or that which we wish were different. There are some many more productive ways to channel our energy. I realize that and I know the "ditch it" items on this list could be considered as me complaining.  Those thoughts have been floating around in my head for a week or so and I needed to get them out and set them free so I can focus on the good things around me. So there, I'm hopefully done with them.

Dig it: People who have a genuinely positive outlook about life. That kind of energy is captivating!

Since we're focused on the positive now, tell me what you're digging on these days!


k said...

My dad and I and Ezra are HUGE FANS of that pudding. Lord alive is it good.

RTL said...

Dig It. Ditch It... Like It!