07 July 2013

Loving Life

I was thinking about life tonight at dinner and how I'm probably the happiest I've ever been. I'm generally just enjoying my life. Just being me. Comfortable in my own skin. All that. Digging on all the goodness in life and soaking it all up. Coming off a holiday weekend doesn't hurt either! Here are few things earning gold stars from me these days:

Tracking through a new album. Just got into Flume. Check it out!

Laughter with friends. The kind when your stomach and smile muscles hurt afterward.

Messy hair, don't care. If my hair isn't air drying, then it's full of sea salt spray and dry shampoo for texture. Totally my hair jam this summer.

A new recipe on repeat. I'm all about pasta, fresh garlic sauteed in olive oil, tons of fresh ground pepper and a touch of fresh grated parmesan these days. So simple and SO good!

Fresh fruit = strawberries. Fresh herb = dill. 

Water. Copious amounts. All day. Well, when I'm not drinking an iced Americano...

Biking. Distance. I did a 60 mile ride on July 4. Another 30 mile ride today. Cannot get enough of the bike lately, which is good because I'm barely running. Change is good, right?!

Black and white. Stripes. I can't stop adding black and white stripes to my wardrobe. I saw an older lady today that was the kind of fashionable older woman I want to be. She had a perfect silver, gray bob and was wearing a chic, black and white stripe dress. Stripes forever. Even her husband was on point, no stripes on him, but he was a dapper dude. 

People who make eye contact and smile when you cross paths with them. Even better are the random strangers who chat with you. I had an older gentleman telling me back-in-the-day stories about East Grand Rapids the other evening when I was at Reeds Lake. We're all sharing time on Earth, why not be friendly? Friendly, yes! Creeper, no!

Cool Whip. Why is it so good? 

Mark Duplass. I first saw him as Dr. Brendan Deslaurier on The Mindy Project, but he's quite the indie film guy. I just saw Safety Not Guaranteed and saw Your Sister's Sister. I need to see more of his work, because I'm pretty much loving everything I've seen so far. 

Making jean shorts. I made a trek to my favorite Goodwill store and scored a couple pairs of jeans for super cheap that I  just knew would make the best jean shorts. Low risk, high reward! They will never top my favorite vintage Levi's jean shorts, but I need to start somewhere if I'm ever going to hand down a pair of favorites to my kids. Ha!  My Levi's used to be my mom's or my dad's. I'm not even sure anymore, but I've had them forever and they were well worn and loved when I got them! Best! 

That's all I've got! What's making you love life these days?