14 November 2011

A Mike Doughty PS

I saved the best Mike Doughty bits for last!

During the show, Mike let us all know that a "high-fi recording" was being made of the show. At some point soon it will magically appear online and I will download it and relive the show whenever I desire. Yay!

Mike was super fabulous and chatty during the show, which I loved. And then...then he said he'd be around after the show to say hello, sign autographs and what not! Did we hustle around after the show to make sure we got to meet him? Yes, we did! We had to wait in a bit of a line, in front of this annoyingly drunk girl who claimed to have had more fun at the show than anyone else there. N put it like this: she was drunk, but there was something else off about her. I tried my best to behave and not turn around and punch her out so we wouldn't have to endure her nonsense.

My Mike Doughty autographed ticket, along with Golden Delicious, which just happens to feature his handwriting!

Thankfully, the line moved quickly and we were soon standing in front of Mike Doughty saying hello. I told him that I've been a fan since the Soul Coughing days (TRUE!), but in light of how that ended, I probably shouldn't even mention that. He agreed, and kindly thanked me. He then signed my ticket! Unfortunately, due to the number of people, they weren't allowing photos. I may not have a proper photo, but the moment is there in my mind's eye.

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