20 November 2011

Sunday Dreams

Sunday Dreams

Anthropologie has come to Grand Rapids! It's been open for a few weeks now and I finally took the time to visit. Everything in the store is lovely! I wanted to buy pretty much everything.  Of course, you're saying. That's the general idea. It's probably been  about two years since my last Anthro visit. I was in NYC, and there's one right by my brother's office.  

I enjoyed my visit, but there's definitely a "the 1% are everywhere" vibe in our location. I never got that when checking out the store in New York or Chicago. I heard one mother talking to her tween daughter about just hiring another decorator so their house can be redone by spring. Another set of shoppers - a mother, father and daughter were so well dressed and groomed, they literally looked like they had just done a photo shoot. Lots of brand new high-end vehicles in the parking lot. For us real folks who rarely pay retail, but prefer the kind of quality and interesting design Anthro offers, they do have great sales. So don't be scared to check it out! Scope things out that you love and scoop them up on sale.

Instead of actually maxing out my credit card during today's visit, I did some "wouldn't it be nice?" shopping for the blog. Since it was a lovely day to be curled up enjoying the indoors today, if money were no object, the items above would totally be my jam for doing some weekend chillin'.

Are you a fan of Anthropologie? If you're local, have you been to our new store yet? 

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k said...

I've yet to go. I am very excited for when I DO make it over there, though.