28 November 2011

Vintage Fashion Finds

I blogged over the weekend about my treasure hunting trip to a few of my favorite antique haunts. Since I focused on the fun furniture finds, I'm now sharing the fun fashions I found. 

A fun side note before we begin, this is my 401st blog post!! 

Vintage genuine Pendleton flannel shirt. This was in pristine condition. Great for the hipster dude in your life or if plaid happens to be your favorite color, this could be yours. It was going for just under $35, a pretty good deal considering a similar brand new Pendleton goes for $105.

At East Fulton Arts & Antiques:
This floral patterned shirt dress with belt was darling! The photo is from the camera on my phone so, it's not the best and also clearly you can't see how lovely the full-ish skirt is. I may go back and rescue it, unless you go and scoop it up first. $25.

At Lost and Found:
I snapped this pic for my mom. She was very much a hippie back in the day and she had a jacket very similar to this one. It may have been longer though. I've had a fabulous vintage leather cowboy-ish jacket with fringe in my collection for years, so this one could be yours, pardner! Apologies, I did not document prices of any of the Lost and Found items.

Beautiful vintage cashmere jacket with fur trim. Very good condition. It would likely keep you very warm and you'd look quite stylish at the same time.

Black and white cotton shirt dress. Since I have a yen for anything black and white, I thought this was super cute!  With a belt, a little cardigan and some boots, you've got a timeless ensemble. I'm still thinking about it days later, so you may have to arm wrestle me for this one.

Do you like to incorporate vintage clothing into your personal style? I'd love to hear about some of your favorite finds.

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