27 January 2010

Day Four

Being that I'm now in day four of this cleanse/detox practice, I'm into the routine of eating the perscribed healthy foods. Although I have thought about the foods I'd like to be eating, I haven't. I don't feel deprived. I've rarely felt hungry, only near meal times. I'm feeling really good. I remember hearing somewhere that in order to make a habit out of something you need to do it for at least seven days straight. It's only been four and I can see how this type of eating could become a healthy habit for me. I know I'll go back to eating my cheese and my wheat-derived products, but I'm pretty sure I'll be incorporating more of the healthy foods I've been eating so far this week.

A few notes so far:

Not feeling broccoli without some sort of sauce. I usually like it with a red sauce or some garlic sauce like I used to eat all the time at the Bamboo House in NYC.

Ground flax seeds are a pain in the blender. Every morning after making my UltraShake, which has two tablespoons of ground flax seed, I end up fighting with the blender as I try to wash it. Sticky little dudes. This morning I had the brilliant idea to stir them into the glass AFTER I poured the shake into the glass.

I'm still in love with Sweet Potatoes.

I made a simple lentil soup last night for tonight's dinner. I was a little dubious of how it would turn out as I forgot to include the garlic when I was sauteing the onion, carrot and celery. I ended up doing it as the soup was simmering and added then. For dinner tonight, it was actually tasty and very filling!

I bought a bunch of fresh dill yesterday to toss with some cannellini beans, olive oil, lemon and salt. The fresh bunch was $1.99. The bunch in a little plastic box was $2.50. Duh! That was an easy decision. Why do stores do stuff like that?

That's about all I've got tonight. I can't believe I'm already heading into Day Five!

Goodnight, dear Internets!


ula said...

Yay! You can do it, *fish.
Could you use flax meal instead of grinding flax seeds? I think it's the same stuff.

*starr fish said...

Yeah, I am actually using ground flax seed/meal. I'm not grinding it myself. It just wants to be sticky when it's in the blender with all the shake mixins.

Meena said...

i buy flax seeds and grind them in the coffee grinder... works perfectly... no fighting.

Meena said...

oh, i see. the issue is not the flax grinding. when i was making the shake, i used the food processor (my favorite appliance in life). since the blade is easily removable and not sticking out into your shake, it may also cause a little less fighting. *though i have always tried to shove almond butter into the kids' diets and avoided it myself, i actually came to enjoy it through this cleanse:)