01 November 2011


K over at Two Adults, One Brown Baby posted yesterday that she's participating in National Blog Posting Month, which starts today. While I've heard of NaBloPoMo, read and enjoyed the fruits of other blogger's labor while it's gone on, I've never participated. So, I thought about it for about two minutes and then said, "this is so the kick in the writing/blogging pants that I needed."

I started this blog as a place to capture my thoughts, the funny "I can't believe that happened" stories, life observations and the occasional photo. Blogging here is something I often think I'd like to do more of, but then wonder if I could generate enough content. I follow plenty of fun and talented bloggers who likely started the same why I did, just looking for a creative outlet. I'm hoping that by participating in NaBloPoMo that I find a creative spark that makes me want to continue blogging more regularly.

And one more thing. NaBloPoMo make me think of the following:
Po' Boy sandwich, which after reading the po boy wiki totally grosses me out.
SloMo: I attended my first University of Michigan football game ever over the weekend and we did the wave, which was fun in and of itself. Then. Get this. Then we went into SloMo!
BloPop: These always end up hurting the top of my mouth. Not my favorite candy. And the gum is always sick.

That is all. See you tomorrow!

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k said...

Woot! I'm excited! I often want to read more of your tidbits.

And I once read the ingredients of a the po' boy and BLECH. Manky.