28 February 2009


...i was almost side-swiped by a youngish-looking girl driving what appeared to be her mother in the family mini-van. i was nearly run off the road.

...ran four miles, which is a few miles short of where i should be this week in my training. darn head cold! i guess it's better that i was sick this far out and not a few weeks before the race.

...went to the library. got several books and movies on DVD, including 21 and Isaac Mizrahi's book "How to Have Style". The book is about developing your own personal style and it has several "case studies" - exactly the kind of creative project I'd love to work on!

...had extreme cravings for candy - anything gummi, mike & ike's, dark chocolate - but did not carry out desire.

...also craving diet coke today. something about the sunshine, driving around with music blaring...it would have been a perfect day to add some liquid chemicals to my system. stayed strong though. i've been dodging the diet crack now for a couple months. the fact that i'm still craving and thinking about it really underscores the fact that it's an addiction!

...bought turbo tax. just need to DO the taxes now. have to be in the mood for it. not tonight!

...just started watching 21, and can tell i'm going to want to go to Vegas to beat the house after watching.

26 February 2009

blah to bright

I don't know about you, but I've had about three months too many of this winter or blah weather. Tonight it's actually raining! There's the ever-present chance that temperatures will dip below freezing and the rain will turn into a full on blizzard of bad weather! 

My outlook usually tends to be pretty cheery, optimistic even. I'm hoping it's the weather. I'm usually pretty content with what the day lays out before me. These last few days have me wondering when something exciting is going to happen. When am I going to win the lottery so I can pursue more creative and less lucrative endeavors? I guess I need to actually play the lottery so that I might one day win. 

First thing I'd do - book a flight somewhere warm with nothing but a bikini, flip flops and a sundress in my bag. I might bring  a tooth brush, sun screen and a few of my peeps, too. While sunning my pasty bits, I'd map out my next millionaire move. 

There would likely be more travel, charity for sure, and doing a few projects around the house. I think I'd keep my house. It's too cute to  cast off. I might get another house somewhere else just for good measure, but I'm going to hang onto Old Ben. It's been very good to me. 

See, I already feel better...changed perspective always does me a world of good. Life is pretty darn swell where I sit. The bad weather can just suck it! I will prevail! 

23 February 2009

birthday weekend (food) recap

My birthday weekend was fabulous! I feel really lucky to have such good people in my life. Some that I've known for a super long time and some that I'm just getting to know. The well-wishes from all were lovely and made me feel amazing! YAY!

Along with great friends and family, food played a major role in my birthday weekend! What a surprise! I had Ethyopian food at Little Africa on Friday night for my birthday dinner with my mom and M. I felt so special when the owner, Lou, came out with incense for a sort of birthday greeting/blessing and the restaurant broke into "Happy Birthday". Very special. We were the last to leave the restaurant full of delicious food and having had plenty of girl talk!

Saturday, I was rescued from the snowy/icy mess in my alley by my mom, and my Marquette aunt & uncle. We managed to carve a route through the blowing snow to have dinner at Big Bob's, a perennial favorite. We had pizza and fun conversation. We came back to my place for the last of my homemade carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a spot of tea.

Sunday. Popcorn during The Reader and random munching through the day leading up to dinner. My mom made a tasty veggie lasagna and green salad. I whipped up garlic bread with an ample amount of butter and fresh garlic. And for dessert, we had cute mini cheese cakes that mom made.

My cold is almost gone! With all the yummy food I've been indulging in and my almost restored ability to breath, there's no time like the present to get back to the running!


So the 81st Academy Awards have come and gone, again! The marriage of movies and fashion on a single evening in February has been a winter highlight for me for quite some time! This year's show was a little different - five past Oscar winners introducing the nominees in their category for the best actor/actress and best supporting actor/actress categories. I liked that better than the year's previous winners presenting video montages and the nominees names. It was more of a personal tribute for each nominee - and who doesn't like to hear nice things being said about them? I'd want it that way if I were up for best actress or best supporting actress!

I was pleased with most of the winners. Slumdog Millionaire was a big winner with eight awards. I actually saw and enjoyed the movie, so it was fun to see Bollywood take Hollywood by storm. I saw The Reader on Sunday, so I was also pleased that Kate Winslet won the award for best actress. I was pulling for Mickey Rourke after seeing The Wrestler on Friday and this interview he did on Charlie Rose. He just seems like an interesting guy who's been on quite a personal journey. My second choice was Sean Penn, so although I wanted Mickey to win, I was happy that it was Sean who beat him. He actually gave Mickey a cool shout out at the end of his acceptance speech. 

Sarah Jessica ParkerMarisa TomeiTaraji P. Henson
My dress picks. I like the 50's glamour feeling of Sarah Jessica Parker's Dior Haute Couture dress. Marisa Tomei's pearl gray Versace was beautiful, a layered orgami-like creation. Taraji P. Henson wore a deliciously textured/layered Roberto Cavalli gown that reminded me of frosting peaks.

Taraji P. Henson, Best Makeup, Oscars 2009
Favorite jewels! Taraji P. Henson wore this Fred Leighton necklace that was simply stunning!

20 February 2009

official birthday portrait

Let's call it "the Curious Case of Benjamin Button effect". Looking forward to another year of living one day at a time!

17 February 2009

smoky topaz visits

when i'm not feeling well, this is what i really want:
  • to be able to stay in my jammies all day

  • to drink ginger ale (vernors)

  • to drink juice

  • to be in possession of soft tissues

  • to have an ample amount of benadryl to knock me out at night

  • to have a steady supply of interesting movies to watch while I doze on the couch

  • to already have ample groceries in the house, so i don't have to go anywhere

  • to feel better

this is how it's really going:

  • cannot stay in jammies all day. technically not sick enough to warrant using paid time off. work might frown on my choice in jammies.

  • drank vitamin water that i brought to work. brought two today, as one wasn't enough yesterday. oh, the thirst!

  • soft tissues are plentiful. small blessings.

  • benadryl is doing the trick at night, but getting "into" bed early is about a 50/50 gamble at this point.

  • had to get groceries/sick supplies after work earlier this week.

  • feeling slightly cloudy, less than focused, with some aches. dry cough. my voice sounds like i've been smoking 2 packs of cigs a day since i was 12.

  • feeling grateful that i'm not as sick as i was this time last year. i was down for the count for a few days with a ridiculous cough.

  • also grateful that i have not been kidnapped by a mexican drug cartel.

14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Whether you're happily synced up with the love of your life or single and looking to mingle, I thought you'd enjoy a cupcake! 

 I baked them last night. My secret family recipe chocolate cake and a new vanilla butter cream frosting I tried out for the first time. I really enjoy the whole process of baking and marvel at the results every time. Science in the kitchen that yields something pretty and delicious!

 Enjoy your day!

13 February 2009

fun photo site

Create your own FACEinHOLE

I've been having fun at this site Faceinhole.com. What a fun idea - there are tons of photos to imbed your own face in. In honor of the coming heart-focused holiday, I thought this one was fun! You know it's just me and my imaginary boyfriend courtesy of Calvin Klien! 

12 February 2009

thinking about

Here's what's on my mind today:


Hair cut. This has been on my mind for a while. I move slowly when it comes to hair changes!

Vacation(s) that would allow for minimal packing and a tan

What to do to celebrate my birthday

Garlic bread

Not running today, but will run anyway

Where I'd go if I had a scooter and it was nice out

Finishing my book club book - Secret Life of Bees. I'm really into it.


What do you do when you can’t take a nap? If you’re me, you blog about being sleepy. I’m struggling this afternoon to stay awake. Went to sleep at a sane hour last night. Even got an extra hour of sleep this morning because instead of jumping in the car to go to work, I got to take the slipper express downstairs to my work at home zone and just log on to work today. I’ve been off diet coke for over a month and feel like I just quit yesterday. Seriously?! I did eat a small serving of Valentine Conversation Hearts – okay, that may be my culprit. I was basically mainlining sugar. Hello, way to set myself up for an instant crash. Gotta get rid of the convo hearts. And not by eating them.

09 February 2009

It is written...

Someone very wise once said, "it is written" as a response to any worry or concern his daughter had. She just shared those same words with me. It goes so well with one of my core philosophies, "everything happens for a reason." 

Sometimes I get lost in my own thoughts on how I think a situation should play out. I've been drifting a bit for the last couple days and I am grateful tonight to have some really great ladies in my life who helped me adjust my focus ever so slightly - back on the woman I have become. This journey I'm on is my journey. Everything and everyone that crosses my path has been placed in my life for a very specific reason, even if I don't know the reason until much later in life. I'm content with that tonight. I'm at peace knowing that it is written.

Thank you! 

07 February 2009

tonight. tomorrow.

Had a fab time tonight out with M & P. For an event that could have skidded off to ridiculously lame, we made it our own and laughed ourselves into fits. Great time and it was for a good cause. Can't go wrong with that. Only regret - that I didn't eat any of the snacks, so now I'm sooo hungry! Must forage around for a suitable late night snack.

On deck for tomorrow: running, Sunday paper, Estro-Fest brunch with my ladies, possible movie with A if she's feeling better. And whatever else the universe decides to throw my way. 

Good night blog-o-verse!

06 February 2009

gratitude and a smile

Feeling a little "meh" this morning.

Even though I decided, upon exiting my lovely and cozy bed, that I would approach the day with gratitude and a smile, I'm still feeling a little something that won't let me shake it. I'm breathing deeply, trying to stay focused on what's right before me (work that pays the bills, yo!)and going to keep smiling on the outside until I'm smiling on the inside.

Wishing all of you a beautiful day full of goodness!

04 February 2009

so far...

Some random bits from my day so far:

Ran four miles yesterday. My hip has started being cranky, which I am not jazzed about. Hello, Hip, we’ve got about three more months to train for Riverbank. It’s really important that you work with me, not against me. Hip. Must. Cooperate!

My favorite song right now is called Knocked Up by Kings of Leon. Yeah, it's what you think. It’s actually sweet and Caleb Followill’s voice is s-e-x-y. I can't stop listening to these guys since seeing them last week.

Made my first batch of green juice last night. It was better than I expected. Kale, cucumber and green apple. The kale made it slightly bitter, but the cucumber and apple evened it out. Need to watch the batch size next time, or find a friend who can and will come over and drink juice with me, as all the veggie goodness fades if you store it.
“Do you want to form a secret alliance?” This is one quote from the Office that we use in my office on the regular. I have one right now, but it is a secret alliance, so I can’t tell you any more. Just know that whenever I’m asked this question, the answer will always be, “Absolutely, I do!”

People who can play stringed instruments well intrigue me. Andrew Bird, I’m writing about you. (Click the link if you want to hear a great live show!) I played Suzuki violin when I was little just like Andrew Bird started out. I quit when I was five, because I didn’t like to play standing up. Little did I know that if I just hung in there, I would have eventually been able to play sitting down!!
Just found out about Stilletto Spy School. Spy school for the ladies. It’s meant to be a fun get away type deal where women can learn some new skills that might come in handy anywhere from “the boardroom to the bedroom.” Training missions in New York or Las Vegas might include military hand-to-hand combat, racing cars and speedboats, martini mixology, tango and pole dancing and precision firearms training. Sign me up, I need to brush up on my tango.

02 February 2009

Three Dog Night

Anyone who knows me well, knows I have a thing for dogs and that I've wanted another one ever since having to put Lazarus down several years ago. Laz was the best wolf a girl could have. He was a super sweetie, but would have gone to town on anyone who threatened me. I miss that guy to this day.

Lazarus (RIP)

I'm dying to get another dog, but after Leonard (my three week dog), I just can't justify it yet. Leonard was a Rottweiler/Shepherd mix that came into my life at a rather traumatic time. I got him for all the wrong reasons and after three weeks, I realized it wasn't time for me to have a dog and that Leonard deserved a better home life than what I could give him. In one of the toughest decisions I've made, I brought him back to the Humane Society. Since then, I've seen a dog or two that resembles Leonard and choose to think it's him, living a happy life with a neighborhood family.

Leonard Vincent

My co-worker/friend N is equally, if not more, puppy/dog crazy than I am. This morning, he imparted a dog tale to the rest of us in Cubeland - there are 9 American Bulldog/Spaniel puppy siblings waiting to be adopted at the Kalamzaoo Animal Rescue. Nine puppies! And as you can see from this little one named Zezah, they're beyond cute. I'm really hoping N gets his puppy Maya, so I can live vicariously through him until the time is right for me to get one of my own! Why are they so cute??!?! 

Little Zezah

01 February 2009

juice ahoy!

This is just a sample of the ridiculous amount (for me) of fruit and greens I bought on Friday. I pledge to eat/drink all of this and then start the whole deal over again. I've been a vegetarian for near 15 years and I know I can always up my fruit and veggie intake. Yesterday and today it was a pineapple, orange and banana concoction. Juiced the oranges, add to blender with fresh pineapple and a whole banana. Blend and enjoy! It was soo good! I'm going to attempt a green juice with kale, green apple, and cucumber. Maybe a little celery. I'll let you know how that goes.

P.S. I've been good and didn't buy the fancy pants.