08 September 2010

Small Victory!

I mentioned in a recent post that I'm trying to train the cats to stay off the couch. Uh, yeah...we had a small break through this evening. Behold:

Completely on their own, they both retired to a basket bed for a little respite tonight. Seriously, treats were only introduced after they had both gotten cozy and started to look a little sleepy. Then as soon as I snapped two pics and gave them treats, Junior (big orange guy in wicker basket bed) hopped out and had to "help" me upload the pics.

I made the wicker basket bed special for them at Christmas. The basket is from Ikea, but I sewed the furry pillow cover and used an older pillow I already had. The laundry basket bed is something I improvised last night as a way of giving them another non-couch alternative for sleeping. I had some feather throw pillows I wasn't using and found a smallish laundry basket to put them in. Combine the two, add a little cat nip as enticement and wait! Rosie is still curled up in there as I type.

If you have cats, you know about small victories. I sometimes feel like they're conspiring against me and then sometimes we have a beautiful moment like what I've captured and shared with you. Cats!

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devilishlypleasurable said...

small victories with cats feel so sweet. . and of course, i've tried buying my cat all sorts of beds but. . she chooses where she wants to slee which makes me convinced she's telling me 'i'm human i need YOUR bed and your pillow'

and of course three months later, i'll discover that she secretly sleeps in the cat bed in the afternoon from 3 to 5. :)