26 September 2010

ArtPrize 2010 Day Four

ArtPrize Day Four was a busy one! I had to fit in a run first thing this morning. With that under my belt, I did a three hour volunteer shift as a "gallery monitor" at UICA with my friend S and her friend E. We took turns monitoring the galleries inside and an outside installation piece by Alex Schweder La called Evaporative Buildings.

One highlight of the volunteering shift included a 8th or 9th grade looking boy sitting down at the piano outside UICA, part of Street Pianos - Play Me I'm Yours, by Luke Jerram, and flawlessly playing the main theme from Amelie! We were unlocking our bikes, ready to hit the road when he started playing and the music wafted through the air. We and a large crowd gathered around him as he played on. Everyone erupted with applause when he was done. He was grinning from ear to ear. Guess those piano lessons weren't such a waste after all!

Had dinner with R and friends. Loved that Brick Road Pizza was bustling. Good times with good friends.

My evening ArtPrize wandering plan fell through, but I ended up heading down on my own. Italian Motor Friend and I found a fantastic parking spot. I checked out the Hub, (last year we called it the Federal Building, everyone knows it as the Old Art Museum), which doesn't have any art this year. It's a gift shop and basically the communications center of ArtPrize. You can register to vote and then vote on any number of the computers set up on Herman Miller work stations in the main gallery space.

While there, I inquired about my mobile phone voting status. I registered to vote on opening night, but still have not received my confirmation text which would allow me to vote via text. Apparently Sprint never finalized some agreement with ArtPrize, and neither did a host of of other carriers, so mobile voting for a bunch of us gets the big old #fail!

On to the Grand Rapids Public Museum, where among others, I saw:

Burton's Reef, David Burton

Koen, David Dodde (Thumbs up for Mr. Dodde. I've had the pleasure of meeting him a couple times now, most recently tonight, as he was on-site talking about his piece. Super nice/talented guy. Love it when the artists are on-site!)

Invasion, Lisa Murch

Another night up way past my bedtime, but it's so worth it to experience the city so alive and to participate in this amazing celebration of art! I hope to keep my daily dose of ArtPrize going tomorrow, we shall see! Do you have any favorites yet?

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RTL said...

Mark Chatterley's Nave. Is really cool.