13 September 2010

Toast AW10- THERE

A few weeks ago, Sarah over at Yes and Yes posted this beautiful (in both sight and sound) video clip. I posted it to my Facebook and listened to it over and over again the day she posted it and for a few days afterward. I was just reminded of it tonight so I thought I'd look it up and share it with y'all.

When I posted it to Facebook I said: (here's a) Beautiful little wanderlust-y video. I keep playing it so I can hear the music again, so happy/sad if that's possible. It feels like it's searching for a significant moment to belong to.

A few weeks have gone by since I wrote that and when I read it tonight I thought, "you know, every moment is significant and perhaps that's why I love this so much." It's simply beautiful and a good reminder to take in each and every moment as a significant thing of beauty.

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