05 September 2010


Here are a few of the things I've gotten excited over lately:

Grand Rapids is getting a North Face store this fall! Over the past week, I've had two separate friends text me from Woodland Mall (where the store will be) to tell me that it's coming. Guess I have a bit of a rep for being a fan, huh?! Just this afternoon I told my mom I'd buy a nearly new Apex Bionic jacket off her since she's hardly worn it since she bought it.

# # # # #

I moved my living room furniture around and added a new-to-me Danish mid century modern chair to the mix and the one I already had. The guys at Blue Door Antiques were awesome and helpful in making this purchase happen! It's so cool how something as simple as moving furniture around can give a room a whole new energy!

New chair on the left, old on the right. Planning on re-covering the old chair and beefing up the cushions. (The plastic came on the chair cushion - just didn't take it off prior to the pic.)

# # # # #

In moving furniture around I realized that I have a have a lot of stuff that I want to get rid of. I do periodic drop offs at my local Goodwill, but I want to clear out some other stuff that has accumulated over the years or was in the house/garage when I moved in. I'm contemplating getting a 10 yard dumpster so I can literally clear out the junk. It would be so exciting! Is that a strange thing to get excited about? I'm a strange girl, what can I say? I'll keep you posted!

# # # # #

I bought this on Friday. I'm excited about the possibility of a fur-free couch! I've tried many things to keep the kitties off the furniture. First it was just covering the couch with a sheet that matched the living room. Well, they didn't mind sleeping on the sheet and it still meant that I'd regularly end up with a booty full of cat fur. Next I tried putting books and magazines on the couch when I wasn't home. This kept them off for the most part, it just looked strange. Oh, but not as strange as the tin foil! That worked for a while, but then they just took to sleeping on it once they got over the strange feeling and sound it made when they stepped on it. The jury is still out. Junior has been caught napping two or three times already.

Last Days at the Tin Foil Disco. They have fabulous tans now though! No more kittens on the couch, please!

# # # # #

Having dinner tonight with my book club girlies! Excited about that! And there's one more full day left of a four day weekend. Super psyched about that! What are you excited about these days?


Anonymous said...

OMG! R* Its like 'bug spray' for kittehs. Ive heard that moving your furniture around is a sign of insecurity. I never saw it that way. I think Its good for ya!

k said...

Snort. I remember when the tin foil worked--now it just looks like they're about to get their foils done.

Wiley fellas.