24 September 2010

ArtPrize 2010 Day Three

Untitled, Keith Lemley

I love it when a plan comes together, usually it's when you're not even trying very hard. Things just have a way of firming up. I had vague plans to find M and her kids downtown tonight, but ended up meeting A and her girls for Day Three of ArtPrize. We met up at UICA, which is an exhibition center, meaning you can register to vote on all the art, get information, purchase ArtPrize merch and of course, see some art. We took in a modern dance piece, saw all the different works on display and I marveled at how poorly the exhibits were lit. I'm not sure if the artist's themselves are responsible for lighting their work or if the venue provides lighting, but it was poor to the point of detracting from the work.

Gyre, 2009, Chris Jordan

(detail) XLounge Series, Mark Wentzel

Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Michael Murphy

We then wandered our way outside for a bit, taking in some pieces outside WMCAT, the Children's Museum and the B.O.B. We stopped at Georgio's Pizza as we wrapped up the evening and even saw some art there! Art is everywhere, I'm so not kidding!

I loved walking down Monroe Center toward the GRAM tonight and having so many people be out and about. All the restaurants were lit up and full of people. Grand Rapids feels so big city right now and I love it!

Apologies for so few pics, I just didn't shoot that many tonight. I'll be heading out again tomorrow and possibly even doing a volunteer shift with a friend, so I'll be sure to snap more and share the highlights. We're three days in and I literally have barely seen a fraction of what there is to see. I feel like I need to come up with a strategic plan for seeing more art and stick to it like glue. This weekend should be good for that!

Have you been yet? What are your early favorites? If you haven't been, you totally want to get in on this action! Come visit!


loveball said...

At least I have your blog...my weekend is packing and moving and more packing and moving.

I did drive through downtown around 4:30 tonight so I glimpsed some of the art that's out and it was great to see all of the people enjoying downtown. Glad you're having fun!

k said...

The cheese pizza at Georgio's is my lunchtime favorite!

Michael Murphy said...

The lighting on Stephanie Tubbs Jones is actually quite good. You just can't photograph her with a flash.

*starr fish said...

Michael, thanks for commenting! Your piece is actually well lit, yes. I should visit again and try photographing w/out flash. I think I was set for auto flash. Would also like to capture a daytime pic. Best of luck to you - Top 50 so far!