28 September 2010

ArtPrize 2010 Day Seven

(detail) Detroit Forsaken, Ryan Spencer Reed

Can you believe it? It's already been seven full days of ArtPrize! I'm a bit tired, but have enjoyed every minute hitting the town to take in all the artistic creativity people have put on display. I heard someone talking about a younger kid they know - who said they didn't like art. I couldn't believe my ears! Art is something I was brought up to appreciate and create in my own ways, how could someone not "like" art? In my mind there literally is something for everyone. That's why I feel so grateful that Grand Rapids has ArtPrize. It's letting people experience so many different kinds of art in a very accessible way, I hope it's even changing a few people's minds about about art and inspiring people to express their own creativity.

It was a beautiful night to be tooling around the city checking out art! I stopped into LaFontsee Gallery, DeVos Place and walked around near the Gerald R. Ford Museum. Let me show you some of what I saw tonight:

(detail) Detroit Forsaken, Ryan Spencer Reed

Paper Migration, Richard Shipps

Untitled, Joel Berry

(detail) Svelata, Mia Tavonatti

Dreamtime Walk, Megan Hanley

Jon Bell talks about Water Prize, Clauson, Bell & McNeil

I don't know quite how I managed to get through today! I put in time at all three of my "jobs" today - my 8-5 office job, my ArtPrize "job" and my running "job"! When you're having fun, you somehow find the energy to do all the things you want to do. Tomorrow's the last day for voting before they announce the Top 10! If you're registered/activated to vote, check out the top artists and let your thumbs up or thumbs down be heard!

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Joe Force said...

Great post Rachel. I loved "Big Baby" and the Joel Berry painting. LaFontsee is definitely a must see. I did a similar blog of my impressions. You can check it out here:

My ArtPrize Choices