22 September 2010

ArtPrize 2010 Opening Night

WOAH! Opening night of ArtPrize tonight was insane! So many people, so much art to see! It's blown the eff up since last year's opening night. If you live in Grand Rapids and you were out tonight or last year, you know what the heck I'm talking about. If you happen to be reading this out of town, think about coming to visit. Seriously. The next two weeks or so is going to be a full on art party! There's so much art all over town, I don't even know if you physically could see all of it - 1713 artists, 192 venues, but I'm going to try like mad!

From what I saw tonight, I've got a few favorites. I'll hold off on commentary, just want to share some pics and then I need to get to sleep!

Inner City Bike, Joey Ruiter

(detail) Cavalry, American Officers, 1921, Chris LaPorte

Aside from the art itself I'm buzzing just from the experience itself! The vibe in the city is electric! Good stuff: walking about with two of my best girls, running into a friend whom I haven't seen since high school (the third high school friend run in, this week!), snapping tons of pics, riding my Italian motor friend downtown for easy in and out and free parking, people watching, the harvest moon and staying up way past my bed time! ArtPrize is on, baby!

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Margaret L. Steketee said...

Rach, Thanks for commentary that is right on with the feel of the event. Whether your readers art Art lovers or merely curious, it will not disappoint!