07 September 2010

Tuesday Shoesday

I joked with a friend recently that if you saw my shoes, you'd think I lived a very glamourous life! Since I started running a couple years ago, I tend to baby my feet more, which means fewer fancy heels. Blisters caused by pinchy shoes don't mix too well with regular running! I'm hoping to make Shoesday a regular catch here though at Fresh Starr Fish. It will encourage me to wear more of a variety of my shoes so I have something new to show you guys!

Today's featured shoes: a nudie suede, metal heel by DKNY. I've had this pair for over five years. They were one of the first non-black pairs of shoes I ever bought and one of the first pairs that got me started collecting shoes. I just love the architecture of this pair and I've never seen anyone else wearing them out and about.

I wore them with a pair of skinny tailored dark khaki-colored pants (similar) and a silk cream & beige-y printed cap sleeve mini dress (similar in color and shape only! Marchesa! Ha!).


k said...

I am finding myself appreciating the lighting of that there shoe photo.

Nicely done!

Isabel said...

i love the colour!