20 September 2010

Moments of Happy!

I'm all about recognizing the happy moments in my life. My ongoing quest is to just be in the moment - happy, sad or otherwise. Each moment has something to teach me. Of course the moments of happy are so much easier to dig into and enjoy, so here's recognizing some recent moments of happy:

*Baking chocolate chip cookie bars to share with my co-workers and having another co-worker bring in Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes the same morning!

*Running 10 miles this weekend and finally feeling like I'm back on my running game.

*Deciding that life is too short to go into work again on a Sunday afternoon and enjoying my day doing exactly what I wanted instead of "going into the office to get a jump on the week."

*Feeling inspired by someone else's creativity.

*Going to bed early two nights in a row and getting some glorious extra sleep.

*Getting a phone call from my mom mere minutes after I had been thinking about her.

*Seeing recent pics of my baby niece who is at the stage of pulling herself up wherever she can and looking ever so proud of herself!

*Eating more salads and actually enjoying them. Yay for spinach!

*Smiling, being complimentary and expressing sincere gratitude to people who are working hard in the service industries. Most recent example, the grocery store cashier tonight seemed a little surprised that I complimented her bagging style and thanked her for it. She took extra care to load the bags just right, putting like things in bags together rather than just throwing items in the bags as they arrived on the belt. It's pretty cool - the more present/genuine you are with people, the more present/genuine they are with you.

What moments of happy have you had recently?

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k said...

My happy moments have been seeing a friend's life turn around, my son call shoes "fancy" and today's sunny day.