26 September 2010

ArtPrize 2010 Day Five

(Detail) The Big Dog Show, Dale Rogers

As far as ArtPrizing goes, Day Five was a total dog day for me. I did make it to see some art, but not a lot! I realized at my first stop along Monroe that my camera battery was nearly dead. I was able to snap a just two pics, which I'm sharing with you. Not having my camera and having a limited amount of time (which actually worked in my favor yesterday) combined with being tired and having real life activities that I needed to attend to, meant shorty short ArtPrizing and shorty-short post tonight!

The Big Dog Show, Dale Rogers

If you've been ArtPrizing along with me, is there anything I need to see? Tell me!!

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k said...

Check out the clouds in the AKA store on Commerce. They were Ezra's favorites (I think due to their resemblance to popcorn)...