27 September 2010

ArtPrize 2010 Day Six

Deep Breath, Pam Moxley

Six days of art with still so many to come. I did not have to run tonight, so I was able to get in almost two full hours of ArtPrizing after work! I hit WMCAT, Fountain Street Church, Kendall, First (Park) Congregational Church and went back through GRAM so I could see Young Kim's piece (not as powerful as last year's piece, in my opinion). Also saw a few pieces along the way between each venue. Man, I really covered some ground tonight!

Including a few of my favorite pics from tonight. I saw Pam Moxley's piece (above) on opening night, but was unable to get a good snap of it with the throngs of people around. Her piece remains one of my favorites - it's beautiful and it's huge, you don't get a sense of scale at all with the pic I chose, but it's probably at least eight to ten feet tall!

Lure/Forest, Beili Liu

The Portrayal of Women, Amy Tenbarge

Virgin and Three Saints, Reed Govert

I've been watching the shifting Top 100 Artists over at the ArtPrize site with great interest. I've seen a bunch of the pieces in person already, but still need to see some before voting them up or down. Some I can tell just by reading the artist's statement and seeing the few pics posted along with it that I don't really need to seek them out. The pieces that seem like they are a one-off gimmick, rather than someone's passion will not be getting my thumbs up vote. For the sake of ArtPrize and Grand Rapids, I'm hoping that the top 10 is full of artists who have created world-class work because it's their passion.

Have you been voting? Are you using the thumbs up and thumbs down equally? I will admit, I'm using the thumbs down a bit more than I did last year. Only two full days left to vote! Get out there and see some art!

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