14 September 2010


Happy Tuesday to you! The weeks are flying by, quite literally! Weather's turning a bit more cool. I've been layering up a little, wearing fewer skirts (boo!) and wearing fewer sandals (even bigger boo!). I know summer hasn't left us completely yet here in Michigan, it's far too soon for that. In the meantime, lemme show you my shoes real quick:

Everyone needs a go-to pair of flats (at least one!) This pair is Isaac Mizrahi for Target from a few years ago. I remember wondering when I bought them if I'd wear them often enough. Let me tell you, there are shoes I've paid a lot more for that I've worn a heck of a lot less! It's funny to me now that I even wondered that I might not wear them, because I wear them so frequently. They're great in the summer when one may not have had time for a pedicure. Hello, bare toe coverage! Or when a sandal seems too casual for whatever outfit I've chosen. Outfitted the Isaacs this time with a pair of black Gap wide leg pants, a Ralph Lauren striped silk shirt (similar look, but in cotton). My layer for the office a white J.Crew safari pocket jacket (similar, but in black).

Time to start thinking about what else to wear this week, I've got a day of important meetings. Need to look sharp!

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