13 October 2010

Good Wednesday

I know everyone has had one of those days when everything is just off. You might spill something or glob toothpaste on your shirt when you're getting ready in the morning and then the day just goes off the rails from there. Well, today, I had quite the opposite kind of day! Wednesday October 13 was firing on all cylinders and shit, did it feel good!

I had to get up early so I could take my car into the dealer for its 120k tune up. I actually got out of bed, put myself together in a cutie outfit and was out the door before I actually needed to be!

I felt like a celebrity when I got to the car dealer. I've been in there enough over the year that they now recognize me and the car by sight. For the first time ever I was given a loaner car - a black 2010 VW Jetta! Dealer Dude asked me why I never got a loaner before and I said, maybe because you never asked me if I wanted one! He told me when I picked up my car tonight that next time I schedule for something other than an oil change to request a loaner. Thank you very much for that tip, I think I'll take you up on that!

Got to work early, thanks to Dealer Dude and the loaner Jetta, to find my Buddy Holly look-alike work buddy (he doesn't actually look like Buddy, just the hair and he wears black Ray Ban glasses) brought in Krispy Kreme doughnuts! I enjoyed a scary spider-webby doughnut, that literally came back to haunt me by trying to lull me into a sugar coma during a 10:00 a.m. meeting! I'm totally thinking there must be actual sugar spider venom in the spider-webby doughnuts. Seriously! I hope nobody noticed that I was about to crash.

I came back from my sugar spider induced coma meeting to find an email telling me I'd won a t-shirt from commenting on an IWearYourShirt.com blog post a while back. Love what IWYS is doing in terms of social marketing. Have you heard about the IWYS and the Nissan Juke? Fast Company has! I first heard of the Juke through IWYS!

Lunch was a scheduled outing with the boss and the small crew that happened to be in the office. Sushi on the company! Hello!

Mid afternoon, a coworker from another department walked through our department handing out home made ice cream sandwiches. Guess she had a surplus she needed to divest. We were happy to help out. It was so tasty! More sugar though...ugh!

The VW came back with a clean bill of health - they didn't find anything extra that needed attention, which is always nice! Dealer Dude pulled the car around for me like valet parking and I was on my way home!


k said...

Ding DONG--that is a good ass day!

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