30 October 2010

Random Assortment

Wilfred Brimley is only 76 years old. The dude was old back when I was a kid. Somehow we were talking about him at work and everyone guessed he was older than that - mid 80s or "125" were the answers.


Our snack box at work was replenished yesterday. It's a copy paper box filled to the brim with mini candy bars, fruit snacks, tootsie pops, combos, and the most exciting additions with the refill - pudding snack cups and oreos! Plus, we have immediate refill capabilities, extras are stored in a nearby closed - marked "historical documents"!


I don't have any definite plans for Halloween, but bought a wig after work yesterday and may just dress up and just see where the Halloween Spirits take me. A few friends are doing stuff that I could tag along for...I just feel like dressing up it appeals to my secret agent gene. I don't really care where I go! Are you dressing up?


Speaking of Halloween. I made cupcakes for the kids at work and we're such a skeleton crew right now with two people on maternity leave and having two other empty positions that I actually brought cupcakes home! That was not my idea when I was baking. I like to bake, maybe eat one of what I bake and then be done with it!


My headache yesterday and it feels like it's there again today may be directly related to my sugar consumption. Darn sugar! It's so good, but so bad for me!


When I was walking out of work last night someone was walking in with their two cutie kids who were in costume. The little girl dressed as a witch, complete with green skin, reminded me of dressing up as a witch a few years in a row when I was younger. I had a simple brown (I think) dress and had a green witch mask complete with crazy black and gray curly hair. I carried an old lady's hand bag for all my trick or treat candy. That's the only costume I vividly remember. I wish I could remember more of them. What was your favorite halloween costume when you were young?


My brother posted something about the show Kids In the Hall on my FB wall late last night. That lead to me digging through youtube videos that I could post back on his wall. Here's my favorite one:


RTL said...

i always dressed up as a skeleton. Go figure huh?

k said...

Kids in the Hall always reminds me of the song "...these are the Daves I know I know, these are the Daves I know." Snort.