01 October 2010


(totally made up name) Cutie Sleeper, Artist Unknown

How sweet is this? I happened upon it walking toward Kendall on Fountain Street the other night. I wish I knew who did it, because I love it and I bet they've got some other great work. I'm so jazzed to buy some art and create some of my own based on what I've been seeing over the past week of ArtPrize. I've seen work by a couple artists that has me thinking about actually purchasing something by them. Need to inquire about additional work by said artists and see if such purchases would fit within my mean$. I just realized too that I spoke with both of these artists about their pieces. Hey, artists, having a connection/positive interaction with your public can sell the art - just saying! If the street artist wants to come forward and have a chat about their artistic style, I'd probably buy a piece from them too!

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