16 October 2010

Day Off

In list form here's a look at my day off yesterday:

Slept in.

Mowed lawn. It had been forever.

Brought Italian Motor Friend in for the winter.

Waffled over running two miles. Did not.

Drove to Holland. Admired the contrasting dark clouds and sunshine along the way.

Tried on many clothes I did not buy. Found a couple bargains.

Tried out Uncle Cheetah's Soup Shop. Red Pepper Asiago soup, y'all!

Saw "The Social Network" with A. Admired Zuckerburg's drive, yet felt sorry for him at the same time. Hoping my billion dollar idea will come to me soon!

Did a little citizen police work just before bed. I'll save that story for another post.

All in all, it was another good day!

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