03 October 2010

ArtPrize 2010 Day Twelve

With twelve days of ArtPrize under my belt, you wouldn't think there could be anything else left that I haven't seen, right? Well, kids of the 1700+ pieces in ArtPrize, I have seen quite a few, but each time I go out I'm still seeing new art! I'm absolutely amazed at the volume of work in Grand Rapids right now and the mass of humanity turning out to see it each day! Today was the most insane I've seen the crowds.

I visited Palazzolo + Neumann's Face In Time installation for the second time this weekend. They're participation installation aims to document every face visiting ArtPrize. Participants will eventually be featured in a book put together by the Grand Rapids-based creative duo. If you haven't gotten your picture taken yet, do it! It doesn't take long at all, and you'll be forever documented as a participant in ArtPrize 2010!

After getting my photo taken and watching the throngs of people lined up to get into the GRAM, I met up again with M and we basically wandered around for a few hours checking out a couple venues we'd been to independently and taking in a few smaller venues that were new to us both.

(detail) You Can't Fall off the Floor, Lora Fosberg, showing at UICA

Michigan Girl, Jennifer Jones, showing at Huntington Bank

Yosemite, Katayoun Stewart, showing at VanAndel Museum Center

Reminisce, Jennifer Surine, showing at VanAndel Museum Center

The Process, Stephen Duren, showing at VanAndel Museum Center

(Detail) The Process, Stephen Duren

All in all, it was another great afternoon at ArtPrize! That scratchy throat didn't fully catch up with me from last night. Aside from getting another day in at ArtPrize, I was able to pack what felt like a ton into my day today - I did a trial run of the Grand Rapids Half Marathon course with some running buddies this morning, then had a pancake and egg feast to refuel, then ArtPrize and I even managed to pick up the house a little this evening. I may even manage to get to bed early tonight. That would be a first in almost two weeks! Heaven!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend, whether you're in town enjoying ArtPrize or out of town doing your thing and just stopping by my ArtPrize coverage!

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k said...

I love Duren's work. My parents have a few of his pieces and they are just so...soothing. To the eyes and the spirit and the mind.