10 October 2010

After ArtPrize

Dear Weekend after ArtPrize,

I had a fantastic time being able to do real life things the past couple days. While I adored all that was ArtPrize, extra time for real life things was at an all time premium. Lack of sleep and a house that looked like a tornado had hit were the two main side effects. I know you were still going strong until tonight at 6:00 p.m., but I needed some me time.

This weekend was the best, simply because I chose to enjoy everything I did - even though it was pretty standard stuff.

Because I've been so tired, I did NOT want to get up early Saturday morning to run, but had already committed to a long run with my running buds at 8:00 a.m. That meant getting up at 6:30 a.m. As is usually the case though, it was good time. We managed to start an hour before the Run through the Rapids, but finished our run just as they were coming in. Snacks and water were plentiful. We joked about becoming race crashers on the regular, scheduling our long runs near races to partake in the snacks at the finish.

I got a bunch of errands done after my run and then had a message from Two Adults wondering if I'd want to come over. Would I? Ended up having the best day/evening ever over at her house. Our friend A was there too. I tell you, it was all about enjoying friends, laughing, playing with her kidlets (one awesome moment was when her son asked me, "what's on your teeth?" as he noticed my braces) and relaxing! I actually said out loud, "this is the best day ever. I got in a run, I ran errands, and now I'm here with you guys and the kids and there's TV, we had pizza, and there's carpet!" Dude, you don't even know, I was sprawled out on their living room floor basking in all the carpeted goodness. It's all hardwood floors and no cable at Maison de Starr Fish. Two's husband T even went out to get key lime pie for all of us. It so felt like I was on mini vacation.

Today I got to sleep in. What a treat! Then I actually had the time and energy to clean Maison de Starr Fish. The cats are not earning their keep, even though I ask them all the time when they're going to clean the house. The house looks great and I love starting the week with everything fresh and clean. Yeah, so anyway, tonight was more friends - standard Book Club dinner minus a few Book Clubbers and the book. One of these days we'll actually read the book and discuss. Everyone is so busy though...sometimes we can't even all get together!

I got to video chat with my younger brother just now. Always good to catch up! No baby niece though - she's being an international traveler with her mama!

Did I mention that it's been in the mid to high 70's and sunny all weekend?! Seriously, while driving around today it felt like I was driving around on a movie set, with the some of the leaves changing color and the sunlight just right. It was beautiful! I should have taken pictures, but did not. You'll have paint your own mental picture! Speaking of painting, ArtPrize, I'm looking forward to your visit again next year!

Until then,
*starr fish

P.S. I hope you enjoyed your weekend! What were some of the highlights for you?


k said...

My highlight was having YOU on my carpet.

(Okay, that sounded insanely dirty...)

*starr fish said...

^^Hilarity! Thanks again for having us over!