25 January 2011

Swimming in the Current

The State of the Union Address is on NPR right now. I'm barely listening. I figured I'd follow suit with what's current in my world (the state of me address, hehe). I took the cue from TwoAdults, who posted Currently earlier today and Fluent Brittish, who did so before her:

Reading: "Cleopatra: A Life" for my book club

Looking forward to: Going to Costa Rica and Coachella this spring.

Stressing about: The amount of of work I have to do at the j.o.b.

Craving: Sleep.

Wanting: A tripod for my camera.

Proud of myself for: I seem to be getting a tiny bit faster with the running. I am pushing myself.

Wearing: My coat in the house. For all you know, I may live in an igloo!

Avoiding: Making that three minute, chocolate cake-in-a-mug.

Sick of: All the attention and money surrounding major league/college/high school sports when education and things that matter get the shaft.

Learning: That small changes can make a big difference.

Suffering from: Lack of sunshine.

Struggling with: Getting used to my new retainers. I so owe you a post about the end of my orthodontia journey. You're all waiting on pins and needles, I know it!

Overcoming: Dry skin. It's all about greasing up in the morning (I'm on a combo of Eucerin Calming Creme and a discontinued Korres body lotion.) and at night, always carrying hand lotion and Burt's Bees Hand Salve, running the humidifier non-stop and putting on some more lotion.

Hoping to: Get to bed at a decent time tonight.

Excited for: My book club dinner on Sunday night.

Relieved by: The fact that I've now booked my flight to Costa Rica. The anxiety can now leave me. I hate booking flights.

Splurging on: I bought two pairs of boots (on major sale!) in the last two weeks. Have yet to wear either pair because I still need to weather-proof them.

What are some of your currents?

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k said...

Ha! You said the "state of me address."

Sunday! Holla!