14 January 2009

Wholesome Lunch

It really all comes back to food. If I'm not actually eating, it seems like I'm thinking about food, blogging about it or making/baking something to eat.

At work, my fellow foodies and I usually start talking about lunch shortly after we all get into cubeland in the morning. Someone is always STARVING and it seems like forever until it will be an acceptable enough time to take a lunch.

Today, I brought in something yummy that I've been snacking on at home - I guess you could call them lettuce wraps. It's a piece of boston lettuce with a smear of hummus (made on Sunday for easy snacking all week) and a slice of fake turkey. Roll it up and send it to your starving tummy. Packed with flavor (thanks, garlic!) and it's actually good for you!

A few wraps with some crackers, sliced cucumber and a banana for later and there's my wholesome lunch! Oh, and I can't forget the XXX Vitamin Water that I've been sipping on since this morning. Must also honestly report, I'm now craving a cookie of some sort, but we're severely lacking in cookie inventory around here.

What did you have for lunch today?


k said...

I am planning on having Moe's in a bowl minus rice. Yum.

Anita Prins said...

Love the wrap! Might be crazy to go with a purple cabbage wrap. Gives crunch and color to change things up. Ew with hummus, though. What spread could you use? Today I sauteed fresh bits of carrot, mushroom, pead pods, then added them to steamed kale. Then I mixed in brown rice and two dashes of sesame seed oil. Yum. Hot water is my M.O. for drink. Keeps the bod warm and good to hover over while thinking.