04 January 2009

big fish in a small sea

A friend of mine took the opportunity last night (with the addition of a few drinks) to tell me that he thinks I'm too big for GR, that I should get the hell out while I can and go live my dreams. That was the gist of  a pretty long talk, one that has me thinking. 

Asked what my dream was, I couldn't name it exactly. I've spent a solid chunk of time thinking my life was going one way, only to finally realize it was not meant to be. Letting go of that dream has put me in a place of healing, a place of introspection and a place where I'm asking the universe, "what's next?" "where?" "who?" and "how is it supposed to happen?"

Thoughts of renewal in the new year are pretty typical, but I'm actually in a place where I could actually do whatever I dare to dream. It's a scary, yet really cool place to be. Today, I don't have the answers, but I'm open to the opportunities the universe will bring me. I will say yes. I will go. I will do. I want to live the hell out of this life I've been blessed with.


loveball said...

Do it! Whatever it is! Swim, fishy, swim!!!!

Anita Prins said...

What do you mean...the universe has already delt you the card and you agreed! Why wait for more goodies to drop in your hat?

The direction I've turned is west! Chicago, girl! I freed myself from my native cell phone number, applied for an Illinois OT licensure...it's the cha-ching that will be the final kick into the city.