24 January 2009


I had two conversations today with two different friends each of them retold stories about people they work with who are chronic complainers. These people feel completely fine complaining about stuff they have no control over at jobs they have. Wow, let me type that again - they're complaining about inconsequential stuff at jobs they currently have, jobs that are helping them pay bills on the regular. There are plenty of people, 10% of Michigan's population right now, that do not even have jobs to complain about. It grates on my nerves to hear that. 

I'm extremely grateful for the job I have. If I had to listen to any whiners everyday, I'd probably be moved to say something like, "if it's so terrible here, why are you still here?" Sure we could all find things to complain about, but why? It's a waste of energy to focus on the negative or things that are beyond our control.

I choose to focus on the positive, while keeping a firm grasp of reality. Everyday isn't a parade of fabulous-ness where they're handing out stacks of money, designer handbags and lollipops. Of course bad stuff happens. Unfortunate circumstances visit everyone. I guess being able to see the silver lining in the unfortunate clouds of life is what gets me through my storms.

Color me grateful for my job, my family, my friends, my health and all the circumstances that have led me to this moment. 

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k said...


I used to work with a very unhappy, complaining-prone person. They sucked to be around.