16 January 2009

Ask and You Shall Receive

There's such power in asking for what you want and need, even if you think there's no way you'll actually be able to get what you want. The mere act of asking is about honoring your own wants, needs and desires, listening to your own voice and being true to what it is that's going to bring you happiness, peace or contentment. 

Just asking is powerful.

It takes courage. You have to put yourself out there, risking that you will not hear what you want in return. I've been a student of a philosophy of "letting go of the outcome," with the understanding that I have absolutely no control over how someone else will react, how they will respond or whether or not they're in a space to even hear me. If it works how I want it to, I'm that much more ahead of the game. If not, there's something for me to learn or something else in the works for me. 

I've found it even works for the not so lofty stuff.

The GRAM just wrapped up a Richard Avedon exhibit. They had these fantastically-huge styrene promotional pieces hanging in the windows of the gift shop. His self portrait was one of my favorites in the whole show. I asked how I might procure one of the promo pieces. I had to wait until the end of the show for my answer, but it turned out in my favor. They sold me one of them and it's now hanging in my home office. If I had never asked, it never would have happened. I'm thinking of all the big, lofty-type things I could ask for, even if it's just putting my desire out into the universe. 

It works.  


Anita Prins said...

Yes! Lovely. This is thrilling to hear! Not only did you ask, but you practiced patience to wait the reply, looming while filled with hope! hugs to you, my friend.

k said...

Just think if he were wearing a white belt. Ahh. Dream come true.