19 January 2009

night run, good. double take, bad.

I hadn't been planning this, but tonight I did my three mile run outside. It was about 23 degrees, which is cold, but I wasn't actually cold. Proper layering and my new wind stopper tights were keys to keeping warm. I've missed running outside. When I do 3 miles on the track at the gym, it seems like such a chore. Tonight's run outside was great, the time just flew by. Oh, streets around my house, how I've missed you! It may not become a regular thing until the weather warms up a little more, but it's definitely on the table when I don't feel like tangling with all the New Year's Resolution Gym-Joiners right after work.

Completely different subject. After my run, I cleaned up and threw on some leggings, a mini jean skirt, sweater, tall suede boots and one of my North Face jackets so I could run to the store for a few food items to get me through the week. I'm the first to admit that the skirt is short, but I totally got a second look from a woman who was definitely older than me, but not old-old. Who knows what she was really thinking, for all I know, it could have been "cute outfit," but the look on her face was more, "girl, what are you wearing?" It wasn't like I was wearing only my underwear, looked like a streetwalker or a hobo, so come on! I could have just wore the leggings and called it good, but the skirt actually covered my ass. I stand by my outfit choice, but could have done without the lady's "WTF?" double take. 


Local news anchor Suzanne Geha was also at the store tonight and she didn't do a double take, so it's unlikely I'll make the 11:00 p.m. local news! 


Anonymous said...

Your beautiful! Who wouldn't take a double take? I know I would've eyed you. And I've only kissed a girl to ban a boy stalker at the bar.

k said...

Sorry to have stalked you on Michigan Ave. last night. I realized later that waving furiously while wearing mittens probably made me look like a mad woman.