22 January 2009

For every week that flies by, I'm still surprised at how fast it went! Random mini-sodes from today:

Met with my friend C, who I've known forever. Literally. He and my younger brother D have been friends since 1st grade - they're now both 30! One of his many talents - jewelry making. He's going to build me a necklace. We talked design. Something incorporating my favorite celestial shape, perhaps a little bling. For sure a statement. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

While we were talking he brought up some of the crazy stuff he and my brother used to do. They were pretty funny back then. They still are. Anyway, he said he learned how to do dishes properly at our house. His house had a dishwasher. Ours did not and it was house rule that everyone washed their own plate. Today, he and his girlfriend are sans dishwasher. My mom will appreciate hearing that he's still practicing his dish skills. 

Made cookies tonight after work. Ginger snaps with fresh grated ginger. Will bring them into work tomorrow to share. I don't know what I'd weigh if I didn't have those kids to share my baking with. 
Nice guy in the grocery story tonight. I needed molasses for the ginger snaps. I'm in line for the quick check out and Nice Guy had a few more items than I did. He said I could go ahead of him. When I thanked him, he said, "my pleasure" with a hint of joy in his voice. While I'm waiting for the gal in front me to complete her transaction,  he was chatting with another customer in the next line and I heard him say "my pleasure" again with that same joy. It's not something I hear very often, for sure not when there are lines at the grocery store and definitely not with joy. It was inspiring! 

Oscar nominations were announced this morning. I need to see a few movies before the awards on February 22, so I can make informed guesses on who will walk away with their own golden statue. My short list to see before then: Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Doubt and Revolutionary Road. We shall see.

And a pop culture admission, I'm intrigued by Lady GaGa. If you haven't heard "Just Dance" you've somehow evaded a song that seems to be everywhere. I'm hooked on "Poker Face" this week. It will be interesting to see how her career evolves. She went to Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, so she's got talent + a solid education, meaning she's not some manufactured "artist". Work it, girl!

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loveball said...

I wonder if you will be making ginger snaps again any time soon...perhaps tomorrow morning or afternoon...before bookclub dinner...

Didn't read the book but that's not going to stop me from chowing down at Big Bob's tomorrow p.m.!! woot!