08 January 2009

I'm a Runner.

I run. 

It's something that I never really thought I'd get into, but once I trained for a couple months for my first 1/2 marathon in October and saw what I was capable of, I wanted more. 

I like having a race to train for. 

I like seeing other runners out in bad weather and having something in common with them, instead of thinking they're crazy. The first time I willingly ran in the rain, stepping off the porch into the pouring rain went against every fiber of my being. Once I was out in it, I felt something change. I accepted the rain as reality and just ran. I saw drivers safe in their dry cars and SUVs doing a double take as they drove by and it made me run a little harder, knowing I was doing something that until very recently, I too, had thought was a little crazy. 

I like how well I sleep after a good run.

I like how good food tastes and how my cravings change as I get deeper into my training schedule.

I like how strong I feel.

I like that it's not about competition with others, it's about me and what I'm capable of. Much like life. There are insights to be gained.

I signed up tonight to run my first 25k. It's May 9th. I have exactly four months to train and I'm really psyched about the next four months and seeing how this race goes. How far can I push myself? What I will be able to accomplish? I trained for two months for my 1/2 marathon, so I'm guessing I'll be in a pretty good place to do the 25k. I'm going to enjoy every step along the way.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you! Enjoy the ride, girl! Sounds like you're soul is opening wide to the outdoors. Thanks for sharing your tender heart. Watch cars in those turning lanes! ;)