27 January 2009


Saw a great rock show last night in East Lansing. Kings of Leon know how to play the big rock. It had been a long time since I'd seen a proper rock show and these kids brought their skills. Lead singer Caleb Followill, his brothers Jared, Nathan and their cousin Matthew hail from somewhere in Tennessee. Their southern roots shine through a bit in the overall sound. Think crunchy guitars, a solid bass player /drummer synergy and there's no real way to describe Caleb Followill's voice with words. Raspy doesn't quite do it justice.

Photo via Gibson.com

Take a listen to Use Somebody and Closer. I'm hooked and want to see them play again. I don't know if they've ever played Grand Rapids. They should.

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Kaylen said...

I totally L.O.V.E. these guys!! I saw them on Dave Letterman a while back (pretty sure it was DL) and knew they were going to be great!