07 January 2009

dance dance

I've been listening to music on last.fm at work for the last few days. Tons of great music! Type in a band you're digging on and ta-da you can listen to a whole "radio station" with similar music. The Crystal Castles station makes me want to dance.

I went to a "dance club" this weekend to celebrate my friend A's birthday. Talk about a serious lack of appreciation for proper dance music. This place left me yearning for my raver days or Tuesday nights at the Reptile House where the beats were fast and the bass kicked your ass for hours and hours. I want to dance and sweat to some real music, mixed up by a real DJ, not some guy who's just adding beats to songs that are on the radio. Is that too much to ask? For now I'll have to be my own DJ and blast the neighbors out of their kitchen while I dance up my own storm.

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loveball said...

We MUST go dance soon!! I, too, reminisce of Tuesday nights at The Reptile...those were the days. Let's pick a night and commit to it, yeah? Burn off some calories, laugh and pretend we are in our 20's.