06 April 2009

Weekend Update

Bits and pieces from my weekend:

For a Friday night with no definite plan, it turned out to be a fun night. Got a call from Loveball to join her at the salon for some girl time while "Hair A" (not BCA) did her hair. Totally low key, but just what I needed for Friday night.

My 12-mile run on Saturday was decent enough. Not as easy as last week's 10, but I still managed to log the miles. For whatever reason the middle 4 miles were a struggle. I think the only reason I made it through the last 4 miles was that I knew I was almost done. Such a mental game!

Caught up a bit on season four of Rescue Me. I love how well this show is written, it's funny, interesting and sometimes gut wrenching all at the same time. Plus, it's Denis Leary. What's not to like? Season five apparenly begins soon. I was psyched to see that new episodes will be posted to hulu.com. Who needs cable when you have hulu?!

Saw Sunshine Cleaning yesterday afternoon with M. Turned out to be a little darker and more emotional than I expected. I really enjoyed it though. Good way to spend a gray afternoon. Plus, almost all of the previews before the movie were all good. Will likely spend a good amount of money and time at the movies in the near future.

Still haven't confirmed my suspicion that shadows of my past have come back to teach me another lesson. I'm determined to not repeat things I already learned (too often the hard way!) For now, I'm keeping my eyes open and trying to enjoy what is for what is.

Talked to my friend AP out on the lakeshore! Always nice to catch up with her. In fact, I had a good girlfriend weekend, quite helpful to keep me focused on what is real, what is true and what is important. I'm blessed to have such great girlfriends!

Oh, and I have one word about the new bed: luxury!

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