03 April 2009

This is my brain on random

New bed feels like the amazing beds in our Helsinki hotel a few years back. It's delicious!

Work feels like work today with "who's that?" no longer working on a special project in our area.

Badly in need of a vacation somewhere amazing. I've had one day off in three months.

Just found out this morning that Neko Case will be at Meijer Gardens as part of their summer concert series. In case you're wondering, that's where I'll be on Thursday, July 16.

Met with my jewelry designer yesterday. On the verge of something very cool and very me.

When I get the feeling that people have fallen into wells (AKA: fallen off the face of the earth, not been heard from in a long time), I hope for the best and just try to keep moving. I gave up my job retrieving folks from wells. I used to think I was good at it, until I realized most who go missing don't want to be pulled above ground.

"The next time you say forever, I will punch you in your face. Just because you don't believe it, doesn't mean I didn't mean it." - The Next Time You Say Forever, Neko Case

What am I eating for lunch? And what kind of carb-stravaganza can I rustle up tonight to fuel tomorrow's 12 mile run?

I wonder if I'm on the verge of becoming the crazy cat lady? I've got the "no man" part covered. Just need to pick up a few hundred cats somewhere. Uck. I hate that I just wrote that, but that's my brain on random at this moment.

"How's it feel to want?" It kind of sucks. I strive to be content where I am, with exactly what I've got. I don't want to want anything, but I do. Sometimes so bad that it hurts.


Plan to sleep a LOT this weekend on the new bed. zzzzz......

1 comment:

loveball said...

You have a jewelery designer? sweet.

Remember when I was the crazy, cat lady? aw, I miss The Diller. I still kind of am though, since I live like a shut in most of the time!

When I think of wells I think of the movie "The Ring" and that's enough to freak me the "f" OUT.

It's ok to want Rachie. It is. And to be sad some days too. And even though you might want to punch me in the face for saying this, "good things come to those who wait."

New bed = sweet dreams.

love you!