13 April 2009

run, baby, run!

Just about 25 days left in my quest for my first 25k - the Riverbank Run! Only three more long runs! It's pretty crazy to think I've been running on a schedule since December 31 to get ready for this race. Training is going pretty well! I'm feeling good and starting to get excited about race day.

My long run on Saturday went so much better than the week before, when I struggled a little through the middle 4 miles (out of 12ish). We were going to do 13 this week, but got off course a little thanks to A's brother thinking he knew where we were going and how we wanted to get there. All was not lost though.  We did a solid 12 and we did it in under 2 hours. It was probably one of my best runs. Smooth and strong. I hope that's exactly how the race goes. The weather was great too. If everyone can cross their fingers for decent weather (no rain, snow or wind) on race day, it would be greatly appreciated!

I'm trying to eat with the word "wholesome" in mind going into the race. This weekend with Easter candy and crazy baked french toast doesn't count as wholesome. I'm going for premium fuel for my engine. More fresh veggies, more protein, more fruit - the way I should be eating all the time, anyway! Just want to see how my running feels with more of this kind of fuel and less junk fuel.

Oh and this is good news: my hip has somehow repaired itself. I haven't really been feeling it lately, which is amazing! Even after the last few long runs, it's just been a little tight, but I'd say that's pretty normal.

I'm so grateful to have found myself  as a runner. It has helped me become so much stronger, not only physically, but mentally. It's been a major turning point for me in that it's something that's all mine. I run because I can. I run because I love it. I run to be at peace. I run for me.

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Anonymous said...

"I run because I can."

I love this observation. It's simple to get caught up in what I can't do, verses what I can. When I was a runner, I took it for granted. It's good to hear your enthusiasm!

Thank you!