25 April 2009

Random Rainy Thoughts

Trying not to let the rain and my bum knee get the better of me today. I'm feeling a little down though.

Two weeks to go until Riverbank and my prospects for actually running the race pain free are up in the air. Am exercising caution at this point. Did not do a long run and probably won't attempt to until the race. Just trying to rest and keep up my base at the same time. Frustration! Will see my doctor on Monday to get a proper diagnosis and plan of action.

Would like to eat the entire package of Oreos I just opened today after lunch.

Missing the energy of a big city today. Although I've got a decent life carved out here in GR, can't help but think of what else might be out there for me beyond what I have here.

Bought cute pair of shoes on major clearance today. They look like this, but I didn't get them online. They'll be a perfect shot of color on rainy days like today!

Going to get out of the house again for a bit...

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