29 April 2009

What's Up Wednesday?

I ran four miles last night and my knee is doing well. Not feeling any extra pain from the run, so that's something!


We have high school job shadows in our building today. We managed to get three in our department and they look so young. They are so young!


We've officially reached the point between seasons where it's nearly impossible for me to dress myself in the morning. It's supposed to be near 60 and sunny today, but was about 40 when I finally left the house. Office is also traditionally COLD, so what do you wear? UGH! I ended up in pants that are several sizes too big. The only way I'm managing them is because of the draw-string waist. Feeling like Ed Grimley otherwise. Also wearing short sleeve button up shirt and mid length sleeve v-neck sweater. Transitions are never easy. This morning was even more difficult on only five hours of sleep.


Loving Google maps to see all the places I can't be right now, but wish I was.


Need to get with my mobile phone company about the lack of picture mail functionality on my phone. I'm paying for it and come to find out, it's not working properly!


The Swine Flu situation and the precautions being touted at my company have me shaking my head. There are now gallon jugs of hand sanitizer everywhere. Next to each sink at our coffee stations, the cafeteria, etc. I thought the whole point of hand sanitizer was that you use it when you cannot wash your hands, am I wrong or being less than sanitary by not sanitizing after washing my hands?

They've also posted a sign on the paper towel dispensers in all bathrooms saying "employees must wash hands before returning to work". Okay, I have a few things to say about this one a: shouldn't you already be washing your hands before exiting the bathroom? b: if you are at the paper towel dispenser there's probably a pretty good chance that your hands are wet from already washing them. The sign is preaching to the hand washing choir. It needs to go somewhere that speaks loud and clear to the less than sanitary who are not washing their hands.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about lessening the chances of a pandemic, but somehow hand sanitizer and "wash your hands" signs seem like band aids on a massive head wound. How about some oversight at the massive factory farms where these odd strains of flu are likely developing in the first place?! Just saying.

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k said...

I think someone should post a sign, "Please don't lick the pigs."

That would probably be more effective than that gross sanitizer.

Use soap and water, people!